Private Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instruction

Private instruction in breathing practices to balance emotions, and relieve anxiety and depression.  Transform yourself, your patterns of thinking and reacting.  The effects of kundalini yoga are quick and effective.  Customized yoga and meditation instruction for your unique situation.

30 min $45   |   45 min  $54   |   60 min $81

Package of 3 (45 min) $48  each ($145)

(10% Savings, Reg. $162)

Package of 6 (45 min) $43 each  ($259)

 (20% Savings, Reg. $324)

Dress comfortably in yoga clothes, bring a mat and water bottle.  Wearing white or a head covering is not necessary.  It's all part of the overall experience, but not required.

The reason we wear white is to expand the aura (electromagnetic field around the body) and the head is covered because the body's inherent energy (kundalini) rises in response to the solar energy from above which is more contained with a covered head. 

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of awareness.  With practice, you will experience an overall sense of well-

being and a heightened sense of awareness.   Kundalini Yoga includes postures similar to classical yoga, however they differ in the sequencing of the postures and are more often mixed with pranayama (breathing) and mantra (sound healing) and mudras (hand positions).   Following each 'set' there is a period of rest to allow the body to fully integrate the effects of the 'set'.   The class concludes with a short meditation. 

$49 for four classes or $15 per class.

Wednesday 5:45pm 

May 22 and May 29 : 

Basic Breathing & Spinal Series, Meditation for  releasing Anxiety 

June 5 and June 12: 

Basic Breathing & Spinal Series, Meditation for releasing Fear

Please contact Barbara at 315-345-8672 before attending class.

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Kundalini Yoga Classes