The Innersanctuary of CNY


I feel much more free!

Thank you so much Barb.   My session was very thought provoking and I was able to address things I had no idea I was even hanging on to.  I feel like I'm starting to feel that freedom that we talked about.  I don't think I would have been able to come to these realizations without you and I truly thank you with all my heart and being.  I will definitely be seeing you again!  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with me.

Relief from Inner Turmoil....I feel like a New Person!

After receiving Transformational Coaching from Barb I'm a new person!  I've been working on myself for years and going for healing sessions.  I thought I was good and had worked through the layers of emotional stuff.  It was a surprise to me to all of the sudden feel inner turmoil and that old stuckness I thought was healed.  This was going on and off for a few weeks.  I was frozen and becoming sick inside.  I started to lose weight and barely getting through the day.  The peak of these feelings came when someone upset me.  For a few days I started beating myself up.  In reality nothing was wrong, but I couldn't shake it.  One morning I sat with Barb for  Transformational Coaching.  She started asking me all these questions and come to find out what I thought was bothering me was only the surface.  I left feeling a little better. Throughout the day this same afternoon, emotions I couldn't identify kept creeping up.  I knew it was time to deal and let go of whatever was going on.  Barb got me in that evening for a session.  She had me do a few affirmations. I sobbed and sobbed.  The root emotions and things that were really bothering me finally came to the surface.  After the session I felt relief and exhausted.  I slept great, woke up feeling amazed!  I felt like a new person!  I felt, clear, happy, peaceful, content and energized.  For the first time in my life I felt amazing and deeply empowered.  I've gone through periods of positive thinking, feeling good after Reiki and yoga, but this was different.  Barb helped me break through the deepest layers to see my true self. I'll be forever thankful that God worked through her to help me along my journey. (B.H., Baldwinsville)

Making Peace with Grief
I was fortunate enough to have received a Private Healing with Barb Collette at The Innersanctuary. I highly recommend her services. I was experiencing physical pain on two separate occasions that seemed to be connected to some profound grief I was feeling. Barb made me feel relaxed and comfortable in her care. Barb's gift of healing made a huge difference in my life. Not only did my physical pain go away, but it helped me to make peace with my grief and heal my heart.  Thank you Barb!   (C.R., Cicero)

Gifted Energy Worker
I have known Barb for over fifteen years and have been very fortunate to get to know her on both a personal and professional level.  She is truly passionate about what she does - it is more than a job for her - it's her life.  Her fascination with the human body and mind propels her on the path to greater understanding for both herself and others allowing true healing to take place.  She understands that we are more than just physical bodies and that we exist on many levels.  Barb has studied a variety of healing modalities and is a gifted energy worker.  She has the knowledge and insight to know what is needed at any given moment.  I also appreciate that she schedules appointments so they don't overlap and that there is enough time to ask questions without feeling rushed.  (M.C., Syracuse) 

Unique Sense of Awareness
Barb has a unique sense of awareness.  She understands so much of life's complexities and how they affect all of us.  Her level of enthusiasm can be observed through her work too.  You would be hard-pressed to find someone more knowledgeable who deeply cares about others and has the determination, drive and ability to ensure her client's needs are met.  I would recommend her, as I have done for years, to everyone.  (R.S., Liverpool)

Changed My Life

Kundalini Yoga Certification has changed my life! I was newly sober and looking for a connection to a power greater than myself.  Through this training I have found a way to connect to the infinite power available to us all and let the flow of life navigate my direction rather than pushing to make things happen.  I'm now less likely to react in destructive ways, I have more patience and don't attach to people's actions as often.  I've also developed a heightened awareness.  I love myself and my faults and understand that everything is as it is.  I was so lucky to have support from fellow students throughout the training.  When I was struggling I know I could reach out.  Barb (Siri Kirin) was great and I truly appreciate everything she has done to make this training happen. 

No Words

There are no words to describe how much the Kundalini Yoga teacher training has changed my life, my interactions and relationships.   I'm a better mother and spouse...every aspect of my life has changed including my career.  I have overcome fear, the deep down, scared out of my mind fear.  Before the training, the fear could be paralyzing, limiting me from fully experiencing my life.  I'm no longer scared of the future, I welcome each day as a new experience.  The bonds we formed as students is incredible.  I know I can share anything with them and call on them.  The teacher's support was amazing!  They were always there to answer questions and for guidance.

Overcoming blocks

I've learned so much about discipline and the importance of a daily practice.  I've worked through a huge block from childhood.  I have a new posture, lost weight and am physically stronger!  All of my teachers knew about my childhood block and each supported me in different ways; their understanding and encouragement was so helpful...just a few words from me without me having to explain things was fabulous!

Spiritual Path..not Religious!

I've always avoided spiritual endeavors because I've experienced negative things around religion, but the Kundalini Yoga teacher training has allowed me a spiritual path without the need for 'religion'.   I've deepened my meditation practice, I've softened my heart to a new level of empathy and I've found deep love for Kundalini Yoga.  I've become physically stronger, more flexible and have better endurance.  Being in the helping profession, I set this time aside for my own growth.  The teachers have been exceptional!  They made themselves available and easy to talk to.  Kartar Singh Khalsa has set a standard that I hope to measure up to someday.  He is so good as a teacher..provoking yet compassionate.  Siri Kirin (Barb) is a true light!  She is always ready to help and encourage. I've never seen her without a smile.  She epitomizes grace.

Brought me Back to Life

I've felt lost for many, many years.  The Kundalini Yoga teacher training has brought light back to my life stronger than I ever felt.  In a way, I feel I am finally home and know where to go and go back to.  It showed me how to live this life and what is after.  It has been the most enriching and amazing experience.  I'm now able to accept other's love and love myself; to be authentic and face challenges rather than go into hiding.  Everyone gave me the most genuine support and love.  I felt safe and accepted.

An incredible experience

This journey has been the most incredible experience of my life.  I have been so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.  Hatha Yoga Certification Teacher Training has helped me to rid myself of fear and to find my truth.  I feel like I am living my life from a much deeper, richer level than I even thought possible.  The world is so hurting and I know yoga can heal because it has healed me.  I'm a different person, yet the same.  I believe I'm who God wants me to be.  Because of The InnerSanctuary and the love surrounding me I am a better wife, mother, daughter and friend.  This place is sacred to me and I will always be forever loyal.  (D.C., Liverpool)

My experience with the Hatha Yoga Certification Teacher Training was spectacular!  My goal was to train to better help and assist others.  During the training I learned a lot about myself and that I had so much to learn about myself before helping others.  I was able to go inward to find my healing with the help of my fellow yogis.  I couldn't have picked a better place to obtain my training.   I have found peace within and that is the most important thing I would like to share.  It has opened me to so many experiences that have truly been amazing.  I am so glad that I decided to come to The InnerSanctuary to get certified rather than other locations.  It was an immediate warm feeling being here and I loved each class!  (J.S., Baldwinsville) 


Depth of Knowledge
Barb is a wonderful, professional, gifted massage therapist and energy worker. She has a depth of knowledge from years of study and is a delight! I cannot recommend her more highly.  (S.L., Lafayette)

Wonderful personality

Barb gives wonderful massages.  I work in a very high stress job and I'm on an every five week routine with her.  I see improvements with every visit.  I chose the 90 minute session as it works the best for me.  Barb has a wonderful personality and I would recommend her to anyone!  (C.M., Baldwinsville)

A Great Massage Therapist!
Barb is a great massage therapist. She has expanded into other areas of holistic care. She studies everything with due diligence and always asks for your opinion. I would highly recommend Barb to anyone who is living in a high stress environment.  (R.S., Baldwinsville)

Best in the Area

I have been going to Barb for 10 years. I would highly recommend her for any of her services. She is professional, kind and an expert at what she does. She puts her heart and soul into each one of her clients. When I have a massage with Barb, I feel like a new person. My stress is gone and I feel great. You will never leave disappointed. She is the best massage therapist you can find in the area. (D.H., Mexico)

Professional and Knowledgeable
Barbara is one of the best massage therapists I have been to. She is very professional and very attentive to my massage needs. I have been going to Barbara for over 10 years. I generally go once a month. I have nothing but praise for Barb in her work ethic, professionalism and knowledge in her field. Barb keeps up with new methods and techniques in her field. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for a massage therapist. (C.W., Auburn)